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Real-Food Reboot Program For Weight Loss and Increased Energy, with Michelle Dudash, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Chef


“I am so grateful for you and this program. My career is exploding which means less time for me, but I refuse to give up my workouts, so your food plan makes it easy for Scott [my husband] to manage the food plan and help with meals. You are a saving Grace!

And I do have to say, I have tried a ton of [other people’s] healthy recipes, none of which my kids will eat, but your dinners are a home run for everyone in my house. So glad that I joined! XOXOX!”
Jen F. 

Get 4Real

Do you want to lose fat and attain weight loss?

Do you want to get your energy levels back up to where they once were?

Have you tried different weight loss or fat loss programs that worked for a few weeks or months, but then you stopped because it felt like a punishment?

This 2018, make the change for real and go for a new, easy, healthy lifestyle that you’ll actually want to stick to.

No calorie-counting. No hunger. No deprivation.

Introducing the 4Real Reboot. A delicious, satisfying, detailed healthy food plan devised by best-selling cookbook author, award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist, and Cordon Bleu-certified chef Michelle Dudash.


The 4 Main Goals of 4Real

Fat Loss and Weight loss

4Real ensures plenty of protein to preserve lean muscle mass, while flushing the body with nutrients to rid bloating and help you lose water weight, too. Michelle’s recommended list of real foods keep calories automatically in check–one less thing for you to think about.

Increased Energy

4Real keeps just the right balance of lean proteins, energizing complex carbs, and good fats pumping through your body to keep your brain and muscles fueled, tummy satisfied.

Delicious, Streamlined Meals 

We do all the planning. You just shop off the organized list, cook easy recipes, and eat.

Beat the Bloat

An unhealthy lifestyle can make you retain water, worsen digestion, and make you bloated around certain areas of the body, like your face, belly, hands, and feet. The 4Real Reboot is full of the right foods to keep your body from holding onto too much fluid, keep digestion running smoothly, leaving you feel good in your own skin.

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Eat 4Real Reboot Program 

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