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A HEALTHY Meal planning program designed to help you ditch the sugar cravings and give you more energy, That Doesn’t feeL like a punishment. In fact, It’s delicious.

This detailed online program begins with a 4-week real-food reboot with daily email support. Then it transitions with long-term support, including months more of meal plans and recipes, food guides, videos, live calls, and motivational emails to keep you on the track to success.

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Get 4Real

  • Low sugar: we’ll help you kick that sugar habit for good!
  • High protein: to preserve your lean muscle mass
  • Just the right amount of high-quality, “slow” carbs: to keep your muscles and brain fueled and taste buds satisfied
  • Learn new healthy food pairings that you’ll love


No calorie counting.

No hunger.

No deprivation.

Lose the sugar cravings.

Escape from the dieting madness out there.

Lose the body fat if you want to, while feeling energized and happy. Not hangry.


“After the 4-week reboot: I am very happy I lost 6 lbs despite the outside life challenges. I am thrilled (even surprised) to feel more energetic and even made it through a singles match against a much younger lady. I haven’t played singles tennis in years. I am excited to ‘re-reboot’. I enjoy being surprised that I like the new recipes of foods I would normally pass by, especially the Buffalo cauliflower and baked Brussels sprouts. I knew I had a lot to learn about nutrition and healthy cooking habits and am so thankful God put you in my path to lead me. 
Week 7 update: I’m down 8 lbs. Even better, I won my tennis match last night against the number one team. It was a struggle, but after 2 hrs and 45 minutes, my partner and I pulled it out. Had enough energy the whole time! Thank you for the wonderful education. It is perfect for my family and me!”
–Mary W.

“The 4Real program helped me reduce my sugar cravings.
I expanded my food palate and now eat a wider variety of foods. I have increased energy and lost 5 pounds.” 

–Michele Z., Carmel, IN

“I absolutely love this program. The 4Real reboot program was perfect for our busy lifestyle. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. I am a busy working mom with 4 children. We used to eat a ton of processed foods. 

— Kathy H.

I am so grateful for you and this program. You are a saving Grace! So glad that I joined! My career is exploding which means less time for me, but I refuse to give up my workouts, so your food plan makes it easy for my husband to manage the food plan and help with meals.

And I do have to say, I have tried a ton of [other people’s] healthy recipes, none of which my kids will eat, but your dinners are a home run for everyone in my house. XOXOX!”

Jen F. 

I lost 10 pounds, but that’s not even the best part for me. I cut back on drinking. If I feel like I want to snack at night, I drink water first and just go back to bed. My digestion is better and I’m more “regular.” I have so much more energy now.”

“The entire program is awesome! Not sure how I lived without it! I love the weekly meal plan and shopping list! I love the flexibility of the program.

“Great vegan/plant based menus. 4Real Food Reboot showed me that whilst I was eating healthy foods I was eating WAY too much. Michelle is always on hand to provide insights and guidance.”                                                        

— Sandy P. [The vegan plan is a second option in the program.]

Created by Michelle Dudash, RDN

Nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist, Cordon Bleu-certified chef and best-selling cookbook author Michelle Dudash creates mouthwatering recipes for busy people who want to prepare delicious, nutritious meals but don’t have all day to cook. She is the columnist behind the popular “Dish with Dudash®” in The Arizona Republic and USA Today Network, contributing writer for Food Network’s “Healthy Eats” blog, as well as a regular contributor to Men’s Journal. Michelle has shared her recipes on television including on “The Rachael Ray Show,” “The Chew,” “The Doctors,” “Fox & Friends,” and KABC and KCBS Los Angeles, among others. She is a regular guest on the television shows “Indy Style” and “Arizona Midday”. For many company campaigns, Michelle represents such brands as California Avocados, Wonderful Pistachios, and Sunkist citrus.

Michelle’s philosophy is centered on enjoying food that is wholesome and simple to prepare. It’s Michelle’s goal to make these principles a part of your everyday food choices. Teaching millions of people how food and health can deliciously co-exist has been Michelle’s mission for over 15 years.

Michelle is the author of Clean Eating for Busy Families, revised & expanded and is the creator of 4Real.

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What Michelle’s students say about her programs:

“Went to the grocery store earlier…I normally HATE grocery shopping but with your 4Real shopping list I was in and out totally STRESS free! I knew exactly what I needed. It was amazing! Xoxoxo”
–Heather P., Fond du Lac, WI

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed [in the first week] with the 4Real plan is that I have more energy. I used to skip breakfast and lunch because I was so busy with work, but then I’d get home and snack, eat dinner, then snack some more, leaving me feel tired. Now, I have some breakfast. I sit down and eat the lunches in the plan. Now I don’t get so tired so early. It’s really great.”
— 4Real member

“I was a lazy and clueless cook that made the same things all the time, eating the same thing day in, day out. Not anymore! Michelle makes it easy and simple to try something different and add new things to the mix. And I love how Michelle’s website is so easy to navigate. Michelle’s recipes and meal ideas taste so good!”

–Chandra M., Broomfield, CO

Leslie B“Before joining Michelle’s program, I always hated trying to cook something “healthy” because then my family didn’t really like it. And I was scared to cook fish. Your videos gave me the confidence boost I needed to get back in the kitchen. First, I set up my clean eating shrine, per your instructions, and said good bye to the fruit bowl. Now my family loves the updated grab-and-go fruit selection and they are eating more fruit. Then I got better at looking ahead for the week so I could plan for the right number of recipes, as you advised. Having your recipes turn out deliciously and my family loving them keeps me coming back and trying out more recipes. Like the fajitas–I loved how they were so easy to prepare. And the Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner, which was a hit with my husband and teenagers. I can’t wait to try the next menu!”

–Leslie B., Mesa, Arizona

“Your recipes have made my dinner planning and execution so much more enjoyable! I am off to the grocery store with the December shopping list in hand!”

–Danielle H., Ipswich, Massachusetts

what’s included?


  • Week-by-week meal plans detailing exactly what you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, with matching grocery lists and recipes. You don’t have to worry about counting calories, since Michelle plans the meals in a way that you don’t have to. Members love the new food pairings they discover!
  • Daily emails packed with tips and motivation to help get you through the first 4 weeks
  • One private email consult to kick off the program, with registered dietitian nutritionist Michelle Dudash
  • Master Approved Foods List to guide you through any meal situation
  • Group online video chats and calls with Michelle Dudash, RDN
  • 24-hour access to all of the materials covered
  • Private Facebook group only open to 4Real members, facilitated by Michelle Dudash, RDN
  • Email access to Michelle for nutrition, food, and tech questions (and available by phone, too!)
  • Access to months more of seasonal weekly meal plan packets with recipes for every occasion, including grocery lists
  • Nearly 3 hours of video teaching you how to become a better healthy cook, from breakfast to snacks to entertaining
Main Course: Weekly meal plans telling you exactly what to eat

We kick off the program with 4 weeks of meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, taking the guess work out of what to eat to reach your goals faster.

  • 5-Minute Breakfast and Lunches are kept simple, including items that are easy to assemble or find on the go. Breakfasts typically include a protein, fruit and/or vegetable, and 100% whole-grain. Lunches typically include a protein, vegetable, and a legume or 100% whole-grain.
  • 30-Minute Dinners include streamlined recipes and typically include a protein and vegetable
  • Snacks include nuts, seeds, avocado, fruit, vegetables, nut or seed-based crackers, and some fun foods you may not have tried before
  • Don’t like to cook or travel a lot? No problem! We include Approved Restaurant Lists for every meal and popular cuisines. We also include Approved Packaged Foods Lists.
  • Each week has it’s own printable or downloadable packet of menus with its own weekly grocery list, so you can shop directly from it and have everything you need to enjoy all of the foods that week
  • After the first 4 weeks are up, we keep you rolling with two more months of fully planned out dinner meal plans
  • The menu plans are updated seasonally to include a wider variety of produce, seafood, and cooking techniques, like grilling
  • Plus, there are 100 additional recipes in the program, with more rolling out every season
  • See how balanced meals are laid out for you, so you can just shop, cook and avoid overwhelm. And just get meals done.
  • Grocery lists arranged by the aisle of the store so you are in and out fast
  • Weekly meal plan proteins include new ideas for chicken and turkey, seafood, beans/legumes, plus, beef and pork are sprinkled in, too. There is also a vegan option available for the first two months.
1 Private Email Consult with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Michelle Dudash

You’ll check in with Michelle Dudash, RDN with your health stats and she will advise on tailoring the program to your specific needs, if necessary, and answer any questions you have.

Master Approved Foods List

The Master Approved Foods List will help you through any food situation, like when you are away from home and can’t follow the meal plan, or if you just want to come up with your own meal.

Group Online Video Chat with Michelle Dudash, RDN

You’ll get to talk directly with Michelle on group video or phone for support, to ask your questions, and share your successes and even challenges. The support is here if you need it! Or if you need to speak with Michelle individually, she is just a phone call away.

Your Daily Dose of Tips and Motivation

For the first 4 weeks of the program, you will receive a daily email from Michelle to help keep you on track, answer commonly asked questions, and keep you motivated and accountable. After 4 weeks, if you are still a subscriber, you will receive a few emails each week to help keep you motivated and on track while learning new things.

Wait! There's more!

After you made it through the first 4 weeks, you may want to dig deeper.

For people who want to learn more in-depth info about clean eating and a whole-foods diet, we include nearly 3-hours of original video featuring Michelle in her kitchen, walking you through how to select foods and cook from breakfast to snacks to dessert. Keep reading for more info.

Video #1: Make-Ahead, Freeze-Ahead Breakfasts

You’ll learn how to make, bake, and freeze ahead breakfasts that you can grab and go on your busy mornings for sustained energy to power you through your morning.

Video #2: 5-Minute Lunches

You’ll learn the art of assembling satisfying five-minute lunches that keep your taste buds excited. You won’t need to eat another deli turkey sandwich again. Unless you really want to.

Video #3: Dinners in a Dash

Dinners seem to be the pain point for most people, so we go in-depth on this meal. Browning meat, cooking food evenly, roasting vegetables, and what to do with leftovers.

Video #4: Simple Sensational Sides

You’ll be able to make vegetables and whole grains that pack a one-two flavor punch. Versatile salad dressing, craveable salads, how to cook delicious vegetables you didn’t know how to before, and making whole grains flavorful.

Video #5: Superfood Snacks

You’ll be able to put together snacks you can feel good about that still satisfy your cravings, whether it’s salty, crunchy or sweet.

Video #6: E-Z Entertaining

You’ll learn to make recipes that will have your guests raving, and leave you with time to enjoy the party with them while still staying on the clean eating track. The most popular party foods that your guests will devour.

Video #7: Divine Desserts

Delicious and decadent-tasting cookies without butter or white flour, creamy desserts made without cream cheese or heavy cream, using natural sugars and fats. No fake stuff.

“Your recipes are delicious!”

— Sarah S., Laguna Niguel, CA

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your emails and blog. I already do many of the things you suggest–which is great, as it means I’m doing something right! And then you will have something new for me to try–which I love, too!  Plus, there are times where you give me that nudge I need to get back on track. I’ve even given your book as a gift to help out a friend of mine. Anyway, since I don’t comment on blogs on a regular basis, I wanted to let you know that I’m here, cheering you on, reading your tips, and doing my best to continue to eat well.”

— Lisa H., Phoenix, AZ 

plus, there’s more!


Bonus #1: Tools of the Trade

Michelle details out the gear you’ll need to make life easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen. These are the workhorses of the clean eating kitchen to get you in and out, fast. No fluff.

Bonus #2: Seasonal Grocery Lists

You’ll get one for each season, including Michelle’s personal favorite brands in terms of quality and nutrition–the ones she buys and feeds her own family. These are the master lists, leaving no stone unturned.

Bonus #3: Private Facebook group

Support and feedback from Michelle and the group. Share your creations and get even more ideas.

Bonus #4: Private Community Inside 4Real

Each module has a section that you can share, comment and ask questions, too. It’s only open to 4Real members. And of course, you can always just email or call Michelle and she is glad to help!


You, of course!

Busy Parents

The foods can be enjoyed by the whole family. Most kids love the meals.

Food Lovers Who Don't Want to Feel Punished

Open to new flavor pairings while cutting out sugar.

Moms Who Want to Get Back on Track

Wants to start eating healthy again with 30-minute meals.


If you want to have all of your meals and snacks laid out, ditch the sugar cravings, increase your energy levels while not feel like you’re being punished, this program is for you.

Plans & Pricing


Will 4Real help me lose weight?

Michelle’s first group of 4Real members just completed the 4-week reboot and she has received reports of 4-5 pounds of weight loss from women and up to 10 pounds from men in just 4 weeks.

If you desire weight loss, you are in good hands.

Michelle Dudash, creator of this program, is a registered dietitian nutritionist (which requires a bachelors degree in dietetics or nutritional science, 1,000 hours of internship, passing a nationally credentialed exam that people study months for, and at least 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years). Michelle has undergone supervised training that includes weight management and has helped many clients lose weight.

Michelle is also a Cordon Bleu-Certified chef, having cooked in five-star restaurants, as a private chef for the wealthy who also wanted to eat healthier, and as a personal chef where she helped clients lose weight.

And Michelle follows what she preaches, having lost and kept off 20 pounds since going from a diet that was somewhat healthy, yet still “processy,” to going whole foods and “clean eating,” while never feel deprived or guilty.

Additionally, national media continuously tap Michelle for her weight loss advice, including Yahoo! and Yahoo! Beauty, Women’s Health, Woman’s Day, Shape, SELF, “The List Show,” and she was even a finalist to compete in “The Chew” Search for the Next Weight Watchers Chef.

Of course, results will vary by individual depending on your starting point weight. People who weigh less and are trying to lose the last 10-15 pounds can expect 1/2 to 2 pounds weight loss per week. People who weigh more will likely lose pounds at a faster rate and can expect to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week within the first month. 

What will I learn?

What members report as benefits of the program after 4 weeks:

  • Learned new food pairings they wouldn’t have thought to try before
  • Discover which foods help them lose weight
  • How to decrease sugar cravings
  • How to kick a long-standing soda habit
  • Expanded food palate

By following the weekly meal plans, over time, you will learn how to build your own healthy plate and develop food freedom. The meal plans, recipes and grocery lists are all laid out for you, so you can just shop, cook and enjoy delicious real-food meals. If you take it a step further and follow the recipes and watch the videos, you will learn to become a better cook. Your food will taste better, look better.

Are the recipes easy to make and fast?

Absolutely. Most of the dinner recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less. Breakfasts and lunches are ready in 5 minutes or less.

One 4Real member said, “When you say 30 minutes, you mean 30 minutes! I love that!”

We know you already have a busy lifestyle, so we aim to keep the ingredient lists short–usually between 3 and 10 ingredients. And we are so over washing piles of dishes, so keep dish dirtying to a minimum in our recipes. Ingredients can be found at most well-stocked mainstream grocery stores. We use methods like one-pot, one-pan and slow cooker to streamline things and make our lives easier in the kitchen.

Are the recipes gluten-free?

Almost all of the foods and recipes provided in this program are naturally gluten free. You won’t have to search for things like xanthan gum or rice flour, though. I stick to my trusted busy person pantry with whole foods that most of you already have on hand, whether you’re GF or not. For bread, pasta, crackers, and such, that’s where you can decide to gluten free or not. Either way, we provide brands we trust for nutrition and taste. Why did I make so many recipes GF? Partly because my recipes are based on vegetables and fruits, proteins, certain grains, and other foods in their least processed state, which simply don’t contain gluten. And because I know lot of you are looking for GF recipes. That’s why.

Is 4Real subscription-based?

Yes. 4Real offers two different payment options: an annual subscription or a monthly subscription.

For those of you who previously purchased lifetime memberships to Michelle’s Clean Eating Cooking School, your membership includes the 4Real Program. Lucky you! It’s Michelle’s way of saying thank you to loyal clients and giving you more of what you want.

How does your plan breakdown in terms of macros?

The meal plans breakdown to about:

  • 20% lean protein to preserve muscle mass
  • 35% good fats to keep you satisfied
  • 45% high-quality carbs to keep your muscles and brain fueled and tastebuds satisfied; from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and some whole grains, yogurt, and milk (dairy-free or dairy–you pick)

If you’re reading this and have no idea what we are talking about, don’t worry, we take care of translating this into balanced meal plans for you. You don’t have to count macros (macronutrients) in this plan.

What kinds of foods are in the program?

You get to enjoy your favorite food groups in their least processed state. If you’re a vegetarian, there are still plenty of great recipe options, in fact, we have an alternate completely vegan plan available to those who want it. If you don’t eat dairy, you will be all set. If you love dairy, you can still use your trusted and true dairy milk and yogurt. If you like following a Paleo plan, there are some whole-grain and legume recipes in this program, so you can swap those out with your favorite Paleo-approved substitutions. We recommend sprouted-grain for bread products and only use a few flour-based (but whole grain) products.

What is the time commitment?

Bare minimum: You’ll need to print off the weekly packets and then can start using the meal plans and recipes immediately. Online grocery shopping can be done on the weekends in 15-30 minutes per week.

If you cook: Most of the meals can be prepared in 30 minutes. Some recipes are slow cooker or sheet pan, which are easy to prep, but need to simmer awhile as you go about your day, or roast in the oven while you can tend to other things.

After the first few months, if you want to keep learning: The seven core video modules average about 20 minutes each. You can watch the videos at your own pace–you can binge watch or go slowly.

Will I have to eat food different from my family and cook multiple dishes for one meal?

No way! You will not need to purchase special diet foods and we don’t recommend artificially sweetened foods or foods that are science experiments. The foods in the program are wholesome and those that even little kids can eat. If your kids don’t like it, there’s always cereal. (Kidding not kidding)

Many of our 4Real members have families and cook these meals that everyone will eat. For children, we do not recommend limiting portion sizes or quantity or putting children on a diet. We recommend encouraging healthy foods like the ones in the 4Real program paired with playful physical activity.

I live in Canada. Will I be able to get the ingredients at my grocery store?

We already have one Canadian in Toronto who signed up for the program and has successfully completed the 4-week reboot. She reported no problems with finding ingredients.

Will it help me become a better cook?

For those of you who want to cook, definitely! I’ve been a culinary instructor at an accredited school, have taught cooking classes and have done hundreds of cooking demos–both in front of live audiences and even on national television. I will teach you how to cook. In the video modules, I demonstrate and discuss specific techniques. In the recipes, I explain what to look for while cooking, what not to do, how you know when it’s done, and so much more. In the past, I’ve charged hundreds of dollars for single, private in-home cooking classes for just a handful of recipes. In other words, you are getting a smoking deal. And if you still can’t figure something out, you can call or email me. It’s that simple.

Who is this course not for?
  • People who aren’t willing to put a little time into grocery shopping (or just do online grocery shopping, like Michelle!)
  • People who aren’t willing to try new things


  1. Enroll.
  2. We will send you your log-in info to immediately access the online tools.
  3. Print off the week 1 packet and approved foods lists.
  4. The Monday after you join, we will start emailing you the daily tips and get in touch about the email consult with Michelle. This is the official first day of the 4-week reboot. If you need to start later, just email us the day you’d like to start and you will start receiving emails from Week 1 Day 1.
  5. Start losing weight and feeling awesome.
  6. Feel fantastic, satisfied and look your best!

10 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We offer a 10-day, absolutely no questions asked guarantee. If you feel our product is not a good fit for you within the first 10 days of your purchase, just email us and we will give your money back without hassling you. After 10 days, sorry, no returns, however you may cancel anytime before your next auto-renew.

act now


$49 After 1st month price drops to $9/month
Monthly Package
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$99 Pay once per year (save 40%!)

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Yearly Subscription
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10-days to get a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Email us at if you have any questions at all before signing up.


“I’m a big fan of Michelle’s recipes and love what she does. I bet you will be a fan, too!”

Ellie Krieger, RDN
TV host and NYT bestselling author

“My boys and I love Michelle’s recipes! She has a knack for creating food you want to sink your teeth into and that takes just a short time to make.”

Teresa Strasser
Emmy-winning TV host, bestselling author and mom

“Michelle is a top-notch dietitian with sound, reliable nutrition advice. Her recipes are mouthwatering and amazingly simple to prepare.”

Toby Amidor, MS, RDN
Columnist for Today's Dietitian and author of The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook

decision time


What are you waiting for?!

$49 After 1st month price drops to $9/month
Monthly Package
Full Details
$99 Pay once per year (save 40%!)

Our Most Popular

Yearly Subscription
Full Details

10-days to get a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Email us at if you have any questions at all before signing up.

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